About Weipa Community Care Association Inc.

Weipa Community Care Association Inc. aims to create a space where community members across generations can some together to meet, share and learn in way that enhances their social, mental and physical health.  Major services we offer are Community Op Shop, Coffee Shop, Book Exchange, Volunteer Program and Exam supervision.  Weipa Community Care Association Inc. hold regular events, group activities, resources, referrals, educational activities and workshops.  Recently we helped raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, promoting an identified need while supporting a local individual.  Weipa Community Care Association Inc. provides assistance to local community groups and organisations, enhancing their networks and offering them valuable resources for their activities and events.

Several community events we have facilitated include a free educational workshop for families and teachers, a mental health and wellness expo; and a walk promoting awareness for child safety in our community.  Facilitating these community groups we are able to promote and enhance their networks and resources while promoting identified community needs.  Weipa Community Care Association Inc. manages and facilitates an exam program for community members that are located in a remote area.  This resource provides the community the opportunity to expand their skill set, gain further qualifications and improve gaining employment in the local workforce.

In the last quarter we assisted and supplied 2,800 customers with information, advice and referrals.  As an organisation we are committed to developing collaborative partnerships with community, NGO’s agencies, government and businesses.  We are passionate about offering the community valuable services, resources, events and ongoing support.

We would like to pay our respects to and acknowledge the Traditional owners and custodians of the land we work, play, walk and dwell. We also pay our respects and thanks to the Elders of past, present and future. Services are funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. Family Day Care is funded by the Federal Government and in partnership with Rio Tinto and Weipa Town Authority. NILS is funded by Good Shephard Micro Finance and National Australia Bank.